Shane Kelley Biography

Born in Toronto, Canada, Shane Kelley and her two sons moved to Vancouver, BC in late 2010. Her career began in Toronto, where she was one of the first two female photojournalists working for a large Canadian daily newspaper (Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette).  While at The Montreal Gazette, Shane was well-known for shooting news, sports, and other general assignments, and for her popular weekly STYLE column (10+ years).

Shane’s work has appeared in many publications such as; Time, Newsweek, Town & Country, People, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Women’s Day, USA Today, New York Times and many more. Clients have included; United Nations, Canadian Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau & Joe Clark, Chanel, Bank of Montreal, Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival (festival photographer for 10 years), Montreal International Jazzfest, and the great faces of people from all walks of private and public life.

Shane is available on location for natural light or studio lit photography. Post-photography services include all the latest technology, layout & graphics, writing, plus complete web design, setup and hosting services.


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